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alarmeda‧larmed /əˈlɑːmd $ -ɑːr-/ ●●○ adjective  1 WORRIEDworried or frightenedalarmed by/at Environmentalists are alarmed by the increase in pollution.alarmed to see/hear etc He was alarmed to discover that his car was gone.see thesaurus at frightened2 SCPROTECTprotected by an alarm The whole building is alarmed.
Examples from the Corpus
alarmedBut experts at the Coney Hill Psychiatric Hospital are alarmed.But prominent psychologists and psychiatrists are alarmed.If you already have a timber-frame house, however, do not be alarmed!But by that time Pius had become alarmed at the pace of change.A person who is alarmed experiences a sudden fear or apprehension of danger - some sort of anxiety.He had expressed a similar thought to a neurologist friend of his once, to receive an alarmed look in reply.Realising that something had gone wrong, the alarmed miner was making his way out of the pit.Alarmed storekeepers locked their doors.She became alarmed when she could not waken her husband.alarmed to see/hear etcDown from one corner of her mouth Wilson was alarmed to see a thin trickle of dark red blood.She was alarmed to hear a very obvious lack of conviction in her voice, though.Peering round, she was alarmed to see no sign of life in the empty wastes.She stopped short just inside the kitchen door, startled and alarmed to see such a change in Elizabeth.Their classmates and the parents of those classmates are alarmed to see the quality of academia lowered.Handicapped drivers were also alarmed to hear they would be prevented from using the streets like all other drivers.
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