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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishalbatrossal‧ba‧tross /ˈælbətrɒs $ -trɒːs, -trɑːs/ noun  1 HBP[countable] a very large white sea bird2 an albatross (around your neck)
Examples from the Corpus
albatrossTheir wingspan exceeds that of an albatross.You share it with dolphins and whales and albatrosses and the lonely satellite orbiting overhead.Her youth was a rock round her neck, her albatross.Given that male albatrosses have the same genetic incentives as male elephant seals, why do they behave so differently?We identified two different types of albatross, four species of petrel, and a tern.It was too rough to fish, and our only companions were the albatrosses.The albatrosses, however, remained.In the year before Gould's arrival a thousand albatrosses were killed on Albatross Island alone.
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