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albinoal‧bi‧no /ælˈbiːnəʊ $ ælˈbaɪnoʊ/ noun (plural albinos) [countable]  MIa person or animal with a genetic condition that makes their skin and hair very white and their eyes pink
Examples from the Corpus
albinoNever seen him without his crash helmet on; could be an albino or a Rastafarian for all he knew.She was not an albino, but nearly so.Not an albino, Wade decided, but close enough.An albino with white dreadlocks had appeared from one of the trailers with the blonde girl in tow.Eventually Anthony took the pad away and found a few albino strands growing behind.A rare albino alligator arrived at the Wild Animal Park yesterday and immediately went into hiding.None the less, park officials are giving some thought to providing a female companion for the albino alligator, Boyer said.He remembered telling Michael, the albino boy, about her, boasting about her beauty.
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