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algaeal‧gae /ˈældʒiː, -ɡiː/ noun [uncountable]  HBa very simple plant without stems or leaves that grows in or near water
Examples from the Corpus
algaeCyaniding a reef, on the other hand, kills the reef, by allowing bacteria and algae to set in.Current cryptogamic research areas include: diatoms, algae, fungi, lichens, bryophytes and ferns.Specific ways of checking individual groups of algae are discussed below.There are changes in the number and species of protozoans, algae, and bacteria.Yves Rocher Dynamic Corp Bio-Vegetal range includes gel, tonics and creams all with a high proportion of sea algae.So the algae hang on as debilitating parasites rather than evolving towards benign cooperation.White fluorescent light increases the rate of growth of this plant while apparently not encouraging unwanted algae formation.There was algae and seaweed growing on the top layer of bamboos, which was certainly not there before.
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