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all and sundry

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishall and sundryall and sundryEVERYONEeveryone, not just a few carefully chosen people I don’t want you telling our private business to all and sundry. sundry
Examples from the Corpus
all and sundryAfter the book signing Clancy stood around talking to all and sundry.Her sister told her mother, who then told all and sundry.By removing the mystique immediately, you avoid the excruciatingly embarrassing guesswork by all and sundry.Duggie Brown is excruciatingly convincing as the sleazy, no-talent compere whose best reward is to grope all and sundry.He throws his largesse to all and sundry.Innocent must have been beset with petitions and business from all and sundry.It was not an indiscriminate method of handing out money to all and sundry.He was, of course, revered by all and sundry in the hutted West Camp, Cranwell.Nevertheless, there are always some cowboys who like to argue with all and sundry, including their horse.Also, lifts that are open to all and sundry seem to be readily vandalised or used as public toilets.
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