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(all) by himself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English(all) by himself(all) by himselfa) ALONEalone He’s lived by himself since his wife died. Winston was sitting all by himself. b) without help from anyone else It was the first time he felt he had achieved something by himself. himself
Examples from the Corpus
(all) by himselfDon's traveling by himself.When the officers retired, Hashim used to jump down and play squash by himself.But on the campaign trail, Coles sometimes seems like a boxer in the ring by himself.He walked slowly, all by himself.He was to be placed with another inmate the next day, but wound up in a cell by himself.He's standing up by himself already.I think Sadlowski by himself could have kept it that simple.Once Hopkinson arrived late for breakfast to find the Colonel by himself reading a newspaper.Sir Henry agreed to help in this way, and to go by himself to the Stapletons that evening.The day he stood alone, by himself, without holding on, he roared out his triumph.
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