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(all) by themselves

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English(all) by themselves(all) by themselvesa) ALONEalone older people who are living all by themselves b) HELPwithout help from anyone else Did the children make the model all by themselves? themselves
Examples from the Corpus
(all) by themselvesI'm hoping these spots will go away by themselves.They are both old enough to go to the pool by themselves.But parents are... waiting for kids to be able to go to the movies and the mall by themselves.If anything is worth while in life at all, some things must be good in and by themselves.It may not have occurred to them that they could do the same when viewing video by themselves.Women can be happy by themselves.Women may not be free to walk by themselves along the streets.But reasons of identification and self-definition can not by themselves establish the legitimacy of an authority.He sounded matter-of-fact, as if nine-year-old kids commonly hung out by themselves in his lobby.Two pairs of dates by themselves tell the story.
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