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(all) by yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English(all) by yourself(all) by yourselfa) ALONEcompletely alone Dave spent Christmas all by himself. b) without help from anyone You can’t move the furniture all by yourself. by
Examples from the Corpus
(all) by yourselfDave spent Christmas all by himself.Stanford... well, Stanford is in a class by itself.Do you think you can move the couch by yourself?Katherine made the cookies all by herself.Our car was half full, and we were assigned to a row by ourselves.She'd managed that all by herself.He came at once, by himself, as she had asked.The land by itself could not support the population.You can't go home by yourself in the dark.Similarly, Spong believes that homosexuality, by itself, is not a sin.One proposal by itself was anathema; the two together were poison.
(all) by yourself(all) by yourselfa) ALONEalone You can’t go home by yourself in the dark. b) ALONEwithout help from anyone Do you think you can move the sofa by yourself? yourself
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