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all day/year/summer etc long

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishall day/year/summer etc longall day/year/summer etc longALL THE TIMEduring all of the day etc long
Examples from the Corpus
all day/year/summer etc longHe just sat at a table ticking off numbers all day long.He loved growing things, and in Florida he could work his garden all year long.I suppose that if we include New Zealand, we can claim to have new season lamb practically all year long.There is just so little meaning in what I do almost all day long!The docks were experiencing a boom in trade and all day long a steady stream of customers came and went.Smashing down mogul fields all day long, day after day, sounds great to skiers in their 20s.So all day long her thoughts fought with each other.She'd sail the lake all day long if I let her.
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