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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishall-importantˌall-imˈportant adjective  extremely important the all-important question in everyone’s minds
Examples from the Corpus
all-importantThe right area for this was all-important.A feature of such organizations is that the means are all-important and the ends are of relatively secondary importance.The search for Fedorov and Louise Müller, which had seemed all-important at the time, had been overtaken by weightier events.Here was her big break, a star role to confirm that all-important credibility.Only his awakening to a knowledge of this all-important fact can make it possible for the higher part of himself to develop.Start the music and record one or two minutes to begin the all-important process of deep relaxation.This cuts directly away from the usual philosophical wrangling about this all-important subject.Study past exam papers, noting the exam format, the choice of questions, and the all-important time limit.
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