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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishall-in-oneˌall-in-ˈone1 noun [countable]  a desktop computer with the processor, drive etc combined with the screen, rather than being in a separate boxall-in-oneˌall-in-ˈone2 adjective [only before noun] British English  combining two or more things that are usually separate into one thing an all-in-one TV and video
Examples from the Corpus
all-in-oneOther retro favourites are flares and bell-bottoms, such as all-in-one Barbarella-style pants suits, skimming the body down into gentle flares.Others have all-in-one hook gliders which clip on to the face of the track and eliminate the use of separate curtain hooks.Haining gave me his tight-fitting, all-in-one rowing outfit.
(all) in one(all) in oneALL/EVERYTHINGif someone or something is many different things all in one, they are all those things It’s a TV, radio, and VCR all in one. one
Examples from the Corpus
(all) in oneIt's a TV, radio, and VCR all in one.Cheltenham races are being broadcast in one corner, the Budget in another.People emerge from the casinos with beers in one hand and plastic cups full of change in the other.When she was nine, she recalled in one of her stories, her parents had begun to fight.And if that were not enough, I was fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful towns in the state.Nearly all the encounters end in one of the other three ways.Information arrival was proxied by daily futures and spot volatility estimated in one of the six different ways.Schwab is reengineering its own business in one visionary leap that will require six years to execute.Inside the house of a friend of mine nearly everything was affected in one way or another.
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