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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishall-inclusiveˌall-inˈclusive adjective  ALL/EVERYTHINGincluding the cost of everything in the price charged syn all inan all-inclusive price/package/holiday etc an all-inclusive vacation cruise
Examples from the Corpus
all-inclusiveClearly, if care programming aims to prevent people from becoming lost to services, it needs to be fairly all-inclusive.From just about anywhere on the GalacNet she can access systems on other works including the all-inclusive Encyclobanks of SenFed Central.Thus, understanding how it stirs is one of the best ways for geophysicists to create an all-inclusive picture.Jalhousie is an all-inclusive resort which means that when you arrive everything has already been paid for.an all-inclusive vacation cruise
From Longman Business Dictionaryall-inclusiveˌall-inˈclusive adjective an all-inclusive arrangement, for example a holiday, includes in its price all the services that people will need or expect, with no additional costsThey operate all-inclusive holidays in Jamaica.
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