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all manner of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishall manner of somethingall manner of somethingformalLOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNT many different kinds of things or people We would discuss all manner of subjects. The British Isles have been conquered by all manner of people. manner
Examples from the Corpus
all manner of somethingAll manner of foodstuffs lay scattered on the kitchen table.Where they scrape against one another, earthquakes, volcanoes, mountain belts and all manner of geological phenomena arise.The first tee attracts all manner of casual onlookers.This small portable oven is capable of cooking all manner of baked goods.That neutrality is often criticized as hypocritical: all manner of metaphysical conclusions-as above-are usually taken as gospel.The divide was confirmed in all manner of ways.Wildlife in the Soviet Union is exploited in all manner of ways.Health food stores promote all manner of herbs to prevent colds.Glover felt hot under the collar; it would seem that all manner of deranged people were managing to outsmart him.Traditional boundaries between the counties were ignored so that all manner of sporting and social organizations were threatened with disturbance.The objects left in the churchyard were open to all manner of interpretation and imagination could run riot.
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