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all of a sudden

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishall of a suddenall of a suddenSUDDENLYsuddenly All of a sudden the lights went out. sudden
Examples from the Corpus
all of a suddenIt got him trying to be too perfect with his pitches all of a sudden.The way he decided to leave all of a sudden didn't make any sense.You put the chair up, and all of a sudden, he has four points of interest.And all of a sudden I got slammed in the face.All of a sudden I realized that the car in front of me wasn't moving.In spring training I started off good with my throwing, and then all of sudden it declined.Then, all of a sudden, like a spigot turned counterclockwise, B shuts down.But as revenues subsided, costs all of a sudden mattered, too.The kitchen had gone quiet, all of a sudden, really quiet.Now, all of a sudden, things are different.We waited and waited, then all of a sudden we saw a sail on the horizon.
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