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all over (something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishall over (something)all over (something)a) EVERYWHEREeverywhere on an object or surface There were bits of paper all over the floor. He has cuts all over his legs. She ached all over (=her whole body ached). b) EVERYWHEREeverywhere in a place Antique clocks from all over the world are on display. People came from all over the country. They’re putting up new offices all over the place. all
Examples from the Corpus
all over (something)Be either late or absent and the thirty-day clock begins all over again.Since the shop opened in 1989, it has received over 200,000 visitors from all over Britain and overseas.There was a sound of stir all over the house, pattering of feet in the corridors.By this time there were medical people all over the place, many of them without a purpose, it seemed.He can lick himself all over too, but we won't go there.The works themselves were submitted by teachers all over town, and include two-and three-dimensional pieces.Then it was all over, when Smith was bowled over by Cork.Excuse me, they might say, you have death all over your face, it could be serious.
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