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all over the place

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishall over the placeall over the placeinformal a) EVERYWHEREeverywhere There was blood all over the place. b) UNTIDYin a very untidy state She came in with her hair all over the place. place
Examples from the Corpus
all over the placeNobody knew where anyone was, and there were rumours flying about all over the place.He leaves clues all over the place.You can go all over the place.Hold a knife blade over the housing and it goes all over the place, proving the point.The fact is, there are heroes all over the place.They're putting up new offices all over the place.The egg in the mixture makes it stay put, instead of running all over the place as most cheese mixtures do.People were sneezing all over the place as if it were the heart of allergy season.Her hair was all over the place.Dirty clothes were all over the place.
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