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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishall-powerfulˌall-ˈpowerful adjective  POWERhaving complete power or control syn omnipotent an all-powerful dictator
Examples from the Corpus
all-powerfulThe gods could, up to a point, be merciful; but it was fate that was all-powerful.At the same time, I feel, no one should be too over-awed by Famlio's own belief that they're all-powerful.He does not though, claim that the upper classes are all-powerful.If he was all-powerful and all-good, he could prevent the suffering but didn't.The all-powerful central committee meets twice a year.Out West, all-powerful railroad interests dominated state governments and even owned several state legislatures outright.Catherine the Great, the all-powerful ruler of the Russian EmpireHe is chairman of the all-powerful Rules Committee and sits on Appropriations and Industry.the all-powerful Senate Foreign Relations CommitteeShe is the all-powerful source of satisfaction and frustration, happiness and sadness, love and hate.This unequal relationship was reflected in the autocratic, all-powerful state headed usually by one person.Hollywood stars of the 30s were in awe of the all-powerful studio bosses.
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