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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishall-purposeˌall-ˈpurpose adjective [only before noun]  USE somethingable to be used in any situation an all-purpose cleaner
Examples from the Corpus
all-purposeBesides its high sonic standards, Direct Stream Digital would serve as an all-purpose archival system.There will be all-purpose authorities for the delivery of services.an all-purpose cleaning fluidThere are as many varieties of all-purpose flour and again as many of pastry and cake flours.Add whole wheat flour and all-purpose flour and stir.Many cake recipes call for all-purpose flour, but those that suggest cake flour do so for a reason.You can buy an all-purpose greetings card, with blank space, for you to write in your own message.The all-purpose onion may be eaten raw or cooked; it loses heat when cooked.This is the ordinary, all-purpose staccato with no implication of either accent, emphasis or special sharpness.
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