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all right

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishall rightall ˈright ●●● S1 W2 adjective [not before noun], adverb, interjection  1 SATISFACTORYGOOD ENOUGHgood satisfactory, but not excellent syn okay ‘What’s the food like?’ ‘It’s all right, but the place on campus is better.’ ‘How’s school going, Steve?’ ‘Oh, all right, I guess.’2 GOOD/EXCELLENTUNHARMED/WITHOUT PROBLEMSno problems not ill, hurt, or upset or not having any problems syn okay Kate looks really unhappy – I’d better make sure she’s all right. Are you feeling all right? The kids seem to be getting on all right at school. Tony was worried about the meeting but it went all right (=happened with no problems). Don’t worry, it’ll turn out all right.3 do all right (for yourself/herself etc)4 SUITABLECONVENIENTsuitable used to say whether something is suitable or convenient syn okayall right with/by/for Is Thursday morning all right with you? We’ll eat at eight. Does that sound all right to you?5 it’s all right6 it’s/that’s all right7 LET/ALLOWpermission used to ask or give permission for something syn okay Would it be all right if I left early?be all right to do something Is it all right to bring my dog?8 YESagreement used to agree with someone’s suggestion, although you may be slightly unwilling syn okay ‘Why not come along?’ ‘Oh, all right.’
9 CHECK UNDERSTANDINGUNDERSTANDunderstanding [sentence adverb] used to check that someone understands what you have said, or to show that you understand syn okay I’ll leave a key with the neighbours, all right? ‘The train leaves at 5.30.’ ‘All right, I’m coming!’10 threaten used when asking in a threatening or angry way what someone’s intentions are syn okay All right, you two. What are you doing in my room?11 change/end subject used to introduce a new subject or to end a conversation syn okay All right, now I’d like to introduce our first speaker.12 it’s all right for somebody13 emphasize informal used to emphasize that you are certain about something ‘Are you sure it was Bill?’ ‘Oh, yes, it was him all right.’14 happy American English informal used to say you are happy about something you have just been told You passed? All right!
15 LIKE somebody OR somethinglike British English used to describe someone you like or approve of ‘The new boss isn’t too bad, is she?’ ‘No, she’s all right.’16 greeting especially British English informal used as a greeting when you meet someone you know well, or reply to a greeting ‘How are you, John?’ ‘Oh, all right – can’t complain.’17 I’m all right Jack18 it’ll be all right on the night a bit of all right at bit1(12)
Examples from the Corpus
all rightI'll see when Dr. Lopez is available. Is Thursday morning all right?Katie looked really unhappy - I'd better go and make sure she's all right.Sofia is the smart one in their family, all right."Connect the positive first and then the negative." "Oh, I see, all right."I'll leave the key with the neighbors, all right?"Can I play with my new computer game?" "Oh all right - as long as you don't make too much noise."Wayne's experienced enough all right, but I don't know if he's right for this particular job."What's the food like?" "Well, it's all right, but the place near campus is better."Do you think you'll be all right by tomorrow night?All right, folks, I'd like to introduce our first speaker this evening."How's school going, Steve?" "Oh, all right, I guess."The kids seem to be doing all right in school.Are you all right? What happened?All right, what have you two been doing with that knife?turn out all rightEver so gradually Milton had to admit that this whole thing was turning out all right.sound all rightYou sound all right, I must say: you must be a very fit guy to come back so fast.be all right to do somethingCaller: Well, I just wanted to ask the manager if it is all right to bring my poodle with me?Would it be all right to go ahead and feel?Taken in with his bottle of National Dried Milk and vitamin drops that it was all right to kill.I said hello, and she was all right to me, but not the girl.The 30-year-old midfielder had been troubled by a hamstring injury but will be all right to play.I told my audiences that it was all right to tell the jury the truth.I double-checked this with the staff who assured me if would be all right to use on my windows.But he was all right to work with if you knew your job.