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all round

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishall roundall roundBritish English, all around American English a) used to say that you are describing the general quality or effect of something All round it’s not a bad car. It was a nasty business all round. b) from everyone, for everyone, or involving everyone There were smiles all round. He paid for drinks all round. allall-roundˌall-ˈround British English, all-around American English adjective [only before noun]  GOOD ENOUGHgood at doing many different things an all-round athlete
Examples from the Corpus
all-roundHis first-half display was a masterclass of all-round back play.Even some respected well-known all-round big-fish anglers have yet to crack it.DataEase scores because it combines good all-round capability with genuine ease of use.As to Levi being a better all-round player, let's go to our year-end statistics.A box, on the other hand, offers all-round protection.
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