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all sorts/kinds/types of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishall sorts/kinds/types of somethingall sorts/kinds/types of somethingmany different kinds of something Social workers have to deal with all kinds of problems. all
Examples from the Corpus
all sorts/kinds/types of somethingDamaged anemones are open to all sorts of bacterial diseases which can be fatal.No one company offers the best or worst deals in all countries or for all types of car.After that, they subjected me to all kinds of examinations and procedures.There are all sorts of machines being developed to upgrade security.Now, all kinds of marvellous technologies are used to read the message of the nucleic acids.At that special level all sorts of odd things happened..Now here was Lisa, claiming her innocence, claiming all sorts of prosecutorial abuse.Producers are obstructed by governments in all sorts of ways, but enterprises are, by and large, private.
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