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all the best

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishall the bestall the bestLUCKYused to express good wishes to someone for the future We’d just like to wish him all the best in his new job.all the best for All the best for the New Year! best
Examples from the Corpus
all the bestThey still kept almost all the best in-state players.In fact they are regularly seen around all the best joints.They came, all the best and noblest, to join the company.Maybe it was true that the Devil got all the best lines.The movement has got all the best stories, even if it's a little short on facts.On the surface, at least, Bonita Vista has all the best qualities of a racially diverse campus.Tell him I said goodbye and wish him all the best.He wanted to give it all the best that was in him, of which he had more than he needed.A facility that's said to represent all the best in car manufacturing worldwide.
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