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all the better/easier/more etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishall the better/easier/more etcall the better/easier/more etcVERYused to emphasize how much better, easier etc something is than it would be in a different situation Clayton’s achievement is all the more remarkable when you consider his poor performance last season. The job was made all the easier by having the proper tools. all
Examples from the Corpus
all the better/easier/more etcIf there is some meat left on the bones, all the better.The dispute was all the more bitter because a prize was at stake.His job was made all the more easier by drivers who hadn't bothered to take measures to stop people like him.The inadequacy and treachery of the old leaderships of the working class have made the need all the more imperative.He offsets Roberts' operatic evil with a performance that commands all the more notice for its minimalism.It makes it all the more opportune.Superb defence by Karpov, all the more praiseworthy in that he was now in desperate time trouble.Weather experts say it was a relatively dry winter which makes the water recovery all the more remarkable.
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