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all the time

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishall the timeall the time (also the whole time)ALL THE TIMEKEEP DOING something continuously or very often I keep practising and I’m improving all the time. He worries about her the whole time. time
Examples from the Corpus
all the timeBut all the time, Cranston said, the cost of keeping his place in the U. S. Senate grew more expensive.If he likes to paint, he chooses intense colors all the time.Indeed he gave 50-50 decisions to Linfield all the time.We do have a global village, more and more all the time.Without these teeth sticking out all the time, she might even look human.I wish I could have represented them all the time.They, they keep the word middle in there all the time.Gives the idea of slogging uphill all the time on skins.
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