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all the time

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishall the timeall the time (also the whole time)ALL THE TIMEKEEP DOING something continuously or very often šŸ”Š I keep practising and Iā€™m improving all the time. šŸ”Š He worries about her the whole time. ā†’ time
Examples from the Corpus
all the timeā€¢ But all the time, Cranston said, the cost of keeping his place in the U. S. Senate grew more expensive.ā€¢ If he likes to paint, he chooses intense colors all the time.ā€¢ Indeed he gave 50-50 decisions to Linfield all the time.ā€¢ We do have a global village, more and more all the time.ā€¢ Without these teeth sticking out all the time, she might even look human.ā€¢ I wish I could have represented them all the time.ā€¢ They, they keep the word middle in there all the time.ā€¢ Gives the idea of slogging uphill all the time on skins.
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