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all the while

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishall the whileall the whileall the time that something is happening 🔊 He examined her thoroughly, talking softly all the while. 🔊 She continued working, all the while keeping an eye on the clock. while
Examples from the Corpus
all the whileAll the while I was in college, Joan was traveling.But all the while he was learning and soon the time had come when he was no longer satisfied to design for others.Phillis without a frown or smile Sat and knotted, and knotted and knotted and knotted all the while.He talked to her as if they were lovers, all the while keeping a knife pressed against her throat.The weather was perfect all the while we were there, the evenings very lovely, moonlight softened by fog.The bugle sounded the charge; the horsemen's pace increased, but remained all the while under control.Yet all the while she spoke with me, she never made a sound nor expressed any sadness or regret.
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