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(all) to yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English(all) to yourself(all) to yourselfif you have something or someone to yourself, you do not have to share them with other people It was the first time I’d had a room to myself. to
Examples from the Corpus
(all) to yourselfAt first there was silence as they drove along the quiet road, simply enjoying being close to each other.He had done nothing wrong, nothing at all, but there was no way of proving it, even to himself.Today it tends to be a more exclusive activity in which theologians talk straight to each other and down to the faithful.Tutor and pupil may, however, have spoken Latin to each other.We continually talk to ourselves about them, losing force all the time, and feel that we are very badly treated.Until the beginning of this year, Congress had not applied to itself a single civil-rights or workplace statute passed this century.As mentioned earlier, my grandfather kept to himself in his smoke-filled room, rarely venturing out.He can't be very bright can he, drawing attention to himself like that?
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