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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishallegedal‧leged /əˈledʒd/ adjective [only before noun] formal  ACCUSEan alleged crime, fact etc is one that someone says has happened or is true, although it has not been provedalleged offence/crime/incident etc their alleged involvement in international terrorism The alleged victim made the complaint at a police station in York.
Examples from the Corpus
allegedThe alleged attacks were said to have taken place at the family's home in Flint.Or, conversely, do alleged causes finally need to make sense in a system of rules and rational choices?an alleged conspiracy to murder President KennedyThe Serious Fraud Office, which is investigating alleged Maxwell share support schemes, also refused to comment.Death was the alleged penalty for those who divulged the secrets of the order.Three alleged police informers were murdered in the course of the demonstrations.He claimed she had frequently discussed her alleged suicide attempts with him.alleged victimThe Archdiocese of Los Angeles put Llanos on leave in 1994, after the first alleged victim demanded action.The alleged victim failed to appear in court, and now the case is on appeal in a federal court.Even the rape case against him began falling apart when his alleged victim failed to appear in court.The 17-year-old alleged victim made the complaint at a police station in Brixton, South London, on Saturday.She claims her alleged victim was confused and made up the whole story.
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