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allergical‧ler‧gic /əˈlɜːdʒɪk $ -ɜːr-/ ●○○ adjective  1 MIhaving an allergyallergic to I’m allergic to penicillin.2 MIcaused by an allergy an allergic reaction to nuts an allergic rash3 be allergic to something
Examples from the Corpus
allergicI kept her in my bedroom for another three weeks, so that Mum wouldn't have an allergic reaction.It contains fewer chemical pollutants, which asthmatics are often allergic to, and so helps to prevent asthma attacks.You might not mind fur on blankets and bedspreads, but the next guest could be allergic to animals.People who are allergic to eggs will probably be allergic to Egg Beaters since they contain egg white.Janice Bowers, the botanist and author, tells me that I might be allergic to mold.You can even be allergic to the sun.allergic reactionAs a result, more people became sensitized to latex and developed allergic reactions.I kept her in my bedroom for another three weeks, so that Mum wouldn't have an allergic reaction.Rod McCallum collapsed with a rare allergic reaction.Philippa remembered Buerk's advice on severe allergic reactions and called an ambulance.Nor did any allergic reactions arise in those who ate the meat of animals who had been fed a gene-spliced soybean diet.Put briefly, there was a kind of allergic reaction between On Location and the brand-new edition of Microsoft Word.I talk about a rash on my arm that looks like an allergic reaction but is in fact the heartbreak of psoriasis.Particles from diesel exhausts may also cause allergic reactions in their own right.
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