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allergyal‧ler‧gy /ˈælədʒi $ -ər-/ ●○○ noun (plural allergies) [countable, uncountable]  MIa medical condition in which you become ill or in which your skin becomes red and painful because you have eaten or touched a particular substanceallergy to I have an allergy to cats. a food allergy
Examples from the Corpus
allergyHay fever is really an allergy to pollen and the peak time is early June.Up-to-date information on your child's routine: meals, bath, bedtime, any allergies.Are there ideal cats for allergy sufferers?She gets shots for her allergies.His allergies flared up for the first time in years.It is also planning to expand services at the Wimpole Street medical centre to include allergy and sexually-transmitted disease clinics.Too many people have undiagnosed nickel allergies, and gold is plated using cyanide so no gold, either.People with allergies and other respiratory and heart ailments may be more seriously affected.food allergyThey studied 27 patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome who believed themselves to have food allergy or intolerance.But doctors specializing in the treatment of food allergy and intolerance would disagree.At this time, the consensus is that food allergy is not a proven etiologic agent in migraine.
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