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alluvialal‧lu‧vi‧al /əˈluːviəl/ adjective [usually before noun] technical  SGmade of soil left by rivers, lakes, floods etc alluvial flood plains
Examples from the Corpus
alluvialMuch of this development has involved sugar-cane cultivation on sloping terrain in contrast to its confinement to flat alluvial areas prior to 1960.The walls were mostly slate, apparently quite normal, grained rock produced by a perfectly standard physical process of alluvial deposition.an alluvial plainCarrying alluvial sands from the Rocky Mountains, they helped make the plains.MAREUIL-SUR-Af: Belemnite chalk on the slopes beneath Mutigny, alluvial soil approaching Mareuil-sur-Aÿ itself.The alluvial soil on which the city stood was frozen all year round but thawed a few feet down during the summer.He loved the smell of the woods, and the damp alluvial soil that covered these mountains like a blanket.Mineral alluvial soils have an A horizon and the effects of gleying can be present.Saline alluvial soils have high levels of exchangeable sodium and the effects of gleying are clearly evident.
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