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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishalmanacal‧ma‧nac, almanack old-fashioned /ˈɔːlmənæk $ ˈɒːl-, ˈæl-/ noun [countable]  HEa book produced each year containing information about a particular subject, especially a sport, or important dates, times etc syn yearbook a football almanac a nautical almanac
Examples from the Corpus
almanacIf an almanac editor gets ten percent of his predictions right in a given year, he counts it a success.The times of sunset and sunrise can be proved by reference to an almanac.Thirteen months of twenty days gave a cycle of 260 days that formed the core of the Maya almanac.the 1992 World Sports AlmanacYou could test him by the almanac.It looked gre, I thought that, are you happy with the, uh, almanac insert?
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