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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishalofta‧loft /əˈlɒft $ əˈlɒːft/ adverb formal  UPhigh up in the airhold/bear something aloft He emerged, holding a baby aloft.
Examples from the Corpus
aloftThe national flag was flying aloft.The film was of large happy female peasants dancing, with garlands held aloft.The six-man, one-woman crew plans to spend 17 days aloft, a shuttle record.He described times when the radar crew received requests for winds aloft at eighty thousand feet, ninety thousand feet.He looked aloft at the distant ceiling, and at the expanse of sparsely-curtained window space.Sanson drew out the head, holding it aloft by the hair to show the crowd.Kruger took up a sword-sharp scimitar and held it aloft for blessing.But the motive behind her achievement was not self-interest alone, nor the desire to carry aloft the banner of feminism.
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