Date: 1200-1300
Origin: all one 'wholly one'


adjective adverb
a‧lone S2 W1 [not before noun]
1 if you are alone in a place, there is no one with you [= by yourself]:
You shouldn't leave a child alone in the house.
My wife and I like to spend time alone together away from the kids.
2 without any friends or people you know:
It was scary being all alone in a strange city.
She was all alone in the world (=she had no family or friends to help her or look after her).
3 feeling unhappy and lonely:
I cried like a child because I felt so alone.
4 without any help from other people:
He was left to raise their two children alone.
5 without including anything else:
The case will cost thousands of pounds in legal fees alone.

you/he etc alone

used to emphasize that there is only one person who knows, can do something etc:
Julie alone knew the truth.

go it alone

to start working or living on your own, especially after working or living with other people:
After years of working for a big company I decided to go it alone.

leave somebody alone

, let somebody alone old-fashioned to stop annoying or interrupting someone:
'Leave me alone!' she screamed.

leave something alone

also let something alone old-fashioned to stop touching an object or changing something:
Leave those cakes alone. They're for the guests.
leave well (enough) alone (=not change something that is satisfactory)
In economic matters, they should leave well alone.

be yours/hers/his etc alone

used to emphasize that something belongs to someone:
The responsibility is yours and yours alone.

not be alone in (doing) something

to not be the only person to do something:
You're not alone in feeling upset, believe me.

stand alone

a) to be strong and independent:
the courage to stand alone
b) to be at a distance from other objects or buildings:
The house stood alone at the end of the road.

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