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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishalonga‧long1 /əˈlɒŋ $ əˈlɒːŋ/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1 FORWARDgoing forward I was driving along, thinking about Chris. a group of children walking along in a line2 go/come along3 take/bring somebody/something along4 be/come along5 come/go/get along6 along with somebody/something7 all along
Examples from the Corpus
alongHe showed me the notes he had made as we went along.A door banged several yards along.It was not a big deal: all the unions were expected to go along.For five minutes she is moving along as usual.I stay a few feet behind, watching the three of them shuffle along at a ten-month-old's pace.I was driving along, listening to the radio.When data is fed into input, D1 and a clock pulse given, the data moves along one place.They had enjoyed each other's company over the last hour, hacking along the foreshore of the estuary.I did not persuade or influence him; he intended all along to stick it out until the end.I spent more time with the law, along with family, in a general, small practice.
alongalong2 ●●● S1 W1 preposition  1 from one place on something such as a line, road, or edge towards the other end of it We were driving along Follyfoot Road. She glanced anxiously along the line of faces. He slid his hand along her arm.2 NEXT TOforming a line beside something long The palm trees along the shore swayed in the wind. the toolbar along the top of your screen There were cheering crowds all along Pennsylvania Avenue.3 NEXT TOa particular distance away, on or beside something long such as a line, road, edge etc Hugo’s house was about two hundred yards away along the main street. The bathroom is just along (=a short distance along) the corridor.4 along the way/line
Examples from the Corpus
alongThe Rif Mountains were visible as we sailed along the African coast.Troops were stationed all along the border.Walk along the canal as far as the bridge.We took a walk along the river.We followed the path along the shore for several miles.They put up a fence along the sidewalk.Wild strawberries grew along the trail.The Martins' house is somewhere along this road.all alongHe has been polite to Paul all along.It was something he knew all along.That has been my position all along.They probably thought I was crazy all along.It was then Gedanken realized that all along she had been hearing the voices of the beetles over a loudspeaker.The guns were all along the river bank as far as I could see.Grant arrived on the battlefield to find the Federals under heavy pressure all along their front.We told Kelly all along what the doctors were saying.just alongI was just along for the ride.It's just along from Brighton's Naturist Beach where you can indulge in the luxury of an all-over tan.We took the light out, just along from the stop, so it was good and dark.And it must have stirred memories for his father, Colin, sitting just along from Venables in the Maine Road.This was a small creek forming a marina, just along the convoluted coastline from Valletta.On the next floor lay their separate rooms, just along the corridor from each other, as Guido had already pointed out.His office was just along the corridor from where Wanless now sits in his ornately furnished chief executive's eyrie.Ambulance came - took us to the London Hospital - only just along the road ...
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