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along the way/line

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishalong the way/linealong the way/lineduring a process or experience, or during someone’s life I’ve been lucky, but I’ve had my share of heartbreak along the way. along
Examples from the Corpus
along the way/lineHe and Wharton are related somewhere along the line.There had been other signals along the way.But along the way Alice Thomas Ellis creates an ironic and vivid portrait of London, brilliantly catching its degradation and waste.The changes that befall us along the way are just the various experiences that we encounter on our journey.Somewhere along the line, Harriet felt, she had gone wrong with her daughter's upbringing.Moving along the line in the figure shows that a rise in one variable is associated with a rise in the other.Barns were sometimes built with integral aisles, along the lines of a church.There are quotidian bumps and creases and noteworthy spills all along the way that need attention.
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