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along these/those lines

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishalong these/those linesalong these/those lines (also along the lines of something) similar to something else We usually start with general questions along the lines of, ‘How do you feel?’ They’re trying to organize a trip to the beach or something along those lines. line
Examples from the Corpus
along these/those linesDemocritus drew up a map along these lines.It would be quite wrong to claim that it gave us orders along those lines.The parties have made promises along these lines.Different proposals along these lines have already been introduced by members of Congress from both parties.Frankly, I had nothing to share along those lines.Opposition leaders are afraid to give Milosevic the pretext to use more brutality and proclaim martial law or something along those lines.In fact, I was thinking I might try and start something along those lines as soon as I can.I was getting a lot of work along these lines in the theater.
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