1 adverb
a‧long1 S1 W1
1 going forward:
I was driving along, thinking about Chris.
a group of children walking along in a line

go/come along

to go or come to a place where something is happening:
You're welcome to come along if you like.
I think I'll go along and watch the game.

take/bring somebody/something along

to take someone or something with you to a place:
Mandy brought some of her friends along.
Why don't you take your guitar along?

be/come along

to arrive:
Another bus should be along in a minute.
Every so often, a band comes along that changes music history.

come/go/get along

to improve, develop, or make progress:
After a five-hour operation, Wendy is coming along just fine.

along with somebody/something

together with someone or something else:
Dunne was murdered, along with three guards.

all along

all the time from the beginning, while something was happening:
They should have known all along that she was lying.

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