Language: Old English
Origin: andlang, from and- 'against' + lang 'long'


2 preposition
along2 S1 W1
1 from one place on something such as a line, road, or edge towards the other end of it:
We were driving along Follyfoot Road.
She glanced anxiously along the line of faces.
He slid his hand along her arm.
2 forming a line beside something long:
The palm trees along the shore swayed in the wind.
the toolbar along the top of your screen
There were cheering crowds all along Pennsylvania Avenue.
3 a particular distance away, on or beside something long such as a line, road, edge etc:
Hugo's house was about two hundred yards away along the main street.
The bathroom is just along (=a short distance along) the corridor.

along the way/line

during a process or experience, or during someone's life:
I've been lucky, but I've had my share of heartbreak along the way.

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