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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishalongsidea‧long‧side /əˌlɒŋˈsaɪd $ əˌlɒːŋ-/ ●●○ W3 adverb, preposition  1 NEXT TOnext to the side of something A car drew up alongside. Children’s prices are shown alongside adult prices.2 WITHused to say that people or things do something or exist together at the same time Charles spent a week working alongside the miners. Organized crime continued to flourish alongside the mainstream economy.3 in comparison with something His achievement may seem small alongside the great triumphs of 20th-century technology. Athletics should rank alongside (=be equal to) soccer and cricket as a major sport.
Examples from the Corpus
drew up alongsideThe police van that had passed us drew up alongside.He was in luck because a cab drew up alongside him and a man got out.rank alongsideHow does it rank alongside praying in the end zone?Since the early eighteenth century the red wines of Ambonnay have ranked alongside those of the now more famous Bouzy.
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