Date: 1500-1600
Origin: aloof 'to windward' (16-18 centuries), from loof 'direction against the wind' (13-19 centuries), from Dutch loef


adjective, adverb
1 unfriendly and deliberately not talking to other people
remain/stay aloof (from somebody)
They worked hard, but tended to stay aloof from the local inhabitants.
keep/hold yourself aloof (from somebody)
She had always kept herself aloof from the boys in class.
Beneath that aloof exterior, Gayle is a warm, sympathetic person.
2 deliberately not becoming involved in something
remain/stand aloof (from something)
Initially, the President remained aloof from the campaign.
hold/keep (yourself) aloof from something
The doctor held himself somewhat aloof from the rest of the ship's crew.
aloofness noun [uncountable]

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