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alpineal‧pine /ˈælpaɪn/ adjective [only before noun]  SGrelating to the Alps (=a mountain range in central Europe) or to mountains in general breathtaking alpine scenery alpine flowers alpine skiing
Examples from the Corpus
alpineThere are splendid views of this great alpine barrier to the south from the twisting road between Urnerboclen and Linthal.Perched on the edge of my first alpine bowl, other words came to mind, too.The mountains also prove to be a tourist attraction as some of the mountains experience alpine conditions which leads to ski resorts.While the alpine end of the sport needs only cold weather to produce skiable terrain, cross-country must have snow.At one extreme are pure, natural ecosystems like an alpine meadow or a mangrove swamp.The farms below become dots as you climb and heather, alpine plants and red deer now mark you progress.Guests can experience the outdoors on alpine skis, snowboards, cross-country skis or snowshoes while learning the high-elevation environment.Stoos has a heated open-air swimming pool in summer, in alpine surroundings.
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