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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishalreadyal‧read‧y /ɔːlˈredi $ ɒːl-/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1 NOWbefore now, or before a particular time The design of the new house is similar to those that have already been built. The performance had already started when we arrived.2 NOWused to say that something has been done before and does not need doing again You already told me that. ‘Fancy a coffee?’ ‘No thanks, I already have one.’3 NOWused to say that something has happened too soon or before the expected time Have you eaten all that food already? Is it 5 o'clock already?4 NOWused to say that a situation exists and it might get worse, greater etc Hurry up, we’re already late.GRAMMAR: Word orderAlready often comes at the end of a sentence: I knew that already.I was tired already.I have booked the tickets already.As well as at the end of a sentence, already can be used in the following ways:Already can come before a main verb: I already knew that.Already comes after ‘be’ when it is the main verb: I was already tired. Don’t say: I already was tired.Already comes after the first auxiliary verb: I have already booked the tickets. Don’t say: I already have booked the tickets.
Examples from the Corpus
alreadyIs it already 5 o'clock?Are you leaving already?Don't buy any more toys for the kids -- they've got plenty already.She wondered if during that last frenetic occasion when she had seen Sylvie there had already been a premonition of the end.The building's already costing us way too much money as it is."When are you going to do your homework?" "I already did it before dinner!"This is especially true if you introduce your spouse into an already established business partnership.I can't believe I already forgot his phone number!Was the apartment empty when you moved in or was it already furnished?"Do you want a cup of coffee?" "No thanks, I already have some."I knew already how everything would end up.As many teams already know, it is one of the kinder road stops in the league."Should I tell Kay?" "She already knows."As I have already mentioned, we need to raise more political support.This is a crucial proposition which we have already noted and which will be discussed again later in this book.By the early 1950s the claim that agriculture saved valuable foreign exchange was already paper-thin.He's only three and he's already reading.The show has already started.This is a challenge which I and my colleague John Davis have already taken up.
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