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AlsatianAl‧sa‧tian /ælˈseɪʃən/ noun [countable]  german_shepherd.jpg HBADHP British English a large dog, often used by the police or to guard places syn German Shepherd
Examples from the Corpus
AlsatianThe best-class rubbish is found at the gates of high-walled mansions, their privacy protected by barking Alsatians and uniformed guards.Set his Alsatians on me ... He won't.A guard with a huge Alsatian stood near by.Barbed wire zigzagged in front of the small houses and large Alsatians snarled at strangers from behind steel fences.As we exchanged information, the Alsatian sat at our feet, licking the salt out of an empty crisp packet.Kodiak the Alsatian barked at me for a few minutes, and gave up in resignation.Apparently some of them nervous wrecks. Alsatians and everything.
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