Language: Old English
Origin: eallswa, from eall 'completely' + swa 'so'


al‧so S1 W1
1 in addition to something else that you have mentioned:
Information is also available on women's health care.
She sings beautifully and also plays the flute and piano.
The system was not only complicated but also ineffective.
2 used to say that the same thing is true about another person or thing:
My girlfriend was also called Helen.

also, too, as well, either
also, too and as well can be used in many of the same contexts She's a valued colleague, and a great friend too OR and a great friend as well OR and also a great friend.also is the most formal and the most likely to be used in formal writing such as well is the most informal and the most likely to be used in speech.!! too is never used at the beginning of a clause. Also is not usually used at the end of a clause Smoking makes you ill. It costs a lot too/as well OR It's also expensive OR Also, it's expensive. Use either when you are adding another negative fact Our first attempt didn't work, and our second didn't either (NOT also didn't).

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