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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaltaral‧tar /ˈɔːltə $ ˈɒːltər/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 RELIGIONa holy table or surface used in religious ceremonies a crucifix above the high altar (=the main altar in a church) The victim was tied to a sacrificial altar.2 TBBthe area furthest from the entrance of a church, where the priest or minister stands
Examples from the Corpus
altarThe table drew the eye like an altar.She will not have her altar stained with human blood.Graceful, narrow arches supported by Corinthian columns flank its altar and frame its windows.Aren't these lovely altar cloths and tapestries?All the pews have been removed from inside but the font and the altar rail remain.Beside the altar, four small wreaths rested on brass stands.It was my job to light the candles on the altar.Corrada was not altogether comfortable with altar girls.high altarIt has a high altar with fine gilded carving and a sixteenth-century sculpture of Our Lady of the Rosary.The casket was placed on trestles before the high altar.Within a dozen yards, I came to a set of iron gates closing off the steps east of the high altar.The red sanctuary lamp glowed ahead of them, to the left of the high altar.It has a fine gilded carving on the high altar.Dhani and Ian broke into a run, taking the high altar steps three at a time.He thought of little Rosamund and went to the high altar where the great missal lay.The burial place was surrounded by the crypt and above it, in the church, was the high altar.
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