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alternativeal‧ter‧na‧tive1 /ɔːlˈtɜːnətɪv $ ɒːlˈtɜːr-, æl-/ ●●○ S3 W2 AWL adjective  1 [only before noun]CHOOSE an alternative idea, plan etc is different from the one you have and can be used insteadalternative ways/approach/methods etc alternative approaches to learning Have you any alternative suggestions? An alternative route is along the Via Unione.2 CONVENTIONALdeliberately different from what is usual, expected, or traditionalalternative music/theatre etc Tucson’s alternative radio station sources of alternative energy (=energy produced by the sun, wind etc rather than by gas, coal etc) tolerance of alternative lifestylesalternative medicine/therapies (=medical treatment that is not based on the usual western methods) Acupuncture is widely used by practitioners of alternative medicine.
Examples from the Corpus
alternativeCertificate of appropriate alternative development for reside purposes.The last thing Letterman wants from me is an alternative, goy, version of the human dilemma.an alternative lifestyleSan Francisco has a long history of accepting the city's many alternative lifestyles.Alternative medicine can cure many problems but not diseases like cancer.For vegetarian guests there is an alternative menu.This study will also take into account choices between alternative methods and the selection of topics and sites for investigation.alternative musicThe downside of such excellent economic performance is that virtually any alternative scenario will represent a deterioration.alternative sources of energyDo you have any alternative suggestions to make?Jones' book details alternative ways of coping with stress.One of many interesting alternative ways of measuring mutual inductance uses any bridge that measures self inductance together with the following technique.Even with space and equipment limitations there are alternative ways to organize a room.alternative routeCouncillors decided to press for alternative routes by sea, to get the weapons to Faslane and Coulport.The alternative route down the locks became virtually impassable as the locks were allowed to deteriorate.At the quantum level the individual alternative routes have only amplitudes, not probabilities.Fortunately, a federal rule was introduced that allowed California eye banks an alternative route to get the required tissue.This means finding alternative routes to success, and it means measuring and treasuring success in small amounts.This was an alternative route we had considered in planning so we were dismayed by fresh news.How can it be that by allowing the photon an alternative route, we have actually stopped it from traversing either route?alternative medicine/therapiesClinical ecology is one of the more controversial forms of alternative medicine.It must be stressed that there are important differences between stage hypnotism and the techniques used in alternative medicine.Needle Works Acupuncture is widely used in human alternative medicine.Tony Smith claims that the purpose of our newsletter is to support alternative medicine.There are so many forms of alternative medicine and there's no doubt it's getting more popular.She says a range of alternative therapies have helped her improve.We can not dismiss claims about, say, alternative medicine or acupuncture a priori.In Homoeopathy and many other types of alternative medicine the patient's illness is placed in a much larger context.
alternativealternative2 ●●○ S3 W3 AWL noun [countable]  CHOOSEsomething you can choose to do or use instead of something elsealternative to Is there a viable alternative to the present system? If payment is not received, legal action will be our only alternative. I had no alternative but to report him to the police. He quickly assessed the alternatives open to him.COLLOCATIONSadjectivesa good/attractive alternativeIf you don’t want curtains, blinds are a good alternative.a possible/acceptable/satisfactory alternativeI’m busy tomorrow but Wednesday is a possible alternative.a real/serious alternativeCo-operation offers the only real alternative.a viable alternative (=that can work as successfully)Hydrogen offers a viable alternative to petrol and diesel.a practical alternativeThis treatment represents a practical alternative to surgery.a cheap alternativeA take-away is a cheap alternative to eating out.a safe alternativeWill there ever be a safe alternative to nuclear power?a healthy alternativeLow-fat biscuits are a healthy alternative to cake.verbshave an alternativeYou have a few alternatives to choose from.offer/provide an alternativeIf your first choice is not available, we always have alternatives to offer.suggest an alternativeDo you have an alternative you can suggest?seek an alternativePeople are seeking alternatives to meat-based dishes.find an alternativeThe program is directed to finding alternatives to oil and natural gas.phraseshave no/little alternative (but to do something)He had no alternative but to resign.leave somebody with no alternative (but to do something)I was left with no alternative but to seek legal advice.
Examples from the Corpus
alternativeThe emergence of the team as an alternative to the classic working group of individuals offers a powerful choice.Their acquisition takes time, problems arise, children become puzzled, and they have to consider possibilities and alternatives.Glass shelves, fitted across the window, also make an excellent alternative to curtains or blinds.He says he doesn't want to see a doctor, but I'm afraid he has no alternative.In the new battle against inflation, the old claim that there is no alternative has started to sound out of date.Did you consider other alternatives before you moved in with Lucy?There is no practical alternative to our current policy.Then, as they explored various strategic alternatives, they began to coalesce around one direction for the company.Consideration should be given to the provision of health authority transport where no suitable alternatives are available.You have three alternatives for directly influencing me to do so: 1.Which alternatives are likely to reduce traffic?had no alternativeHe decided that he had no alternative but to flee abroad.My daughters and I had no alternative but to get out.The District Court believed that it had no alternative to imposing a tax increase.Because their environment had been reduced the pandas had no alternative but to remain where there was no food.If he was right she had no alternative but to stay put.They had no alternative but to take the cause of all the drama to hospital, forty miles away in Bulawayo.
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