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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaltogetheral‧to‧geth‧er1 /ˌɔːltəˈɡeðə◂ $ ˌɒːltəˈɡeðər◂/ ●●● S2 W3 adverb  1 COMPLETELYused to emphasize that something has been done completely or has finished completely an old custom that has vanished altogether Congress could ban the procession altogether.2 [+adj/adverb] used to emphasize that the way you describe something is completely true In Canada, the situation is altogether different. This latest problem is altogether more serious.not altogether (=not completely) I wasn’t altogether happy about Mike staying over. The results were not altogether surprising.3 TOTALused to show that you are referring to the total amount There were five people altogether. How much do I owe you altogether?4 LASTused to make a final statement about several things you have just mentioned syn all in all Lots of sunshine, wonderful food, and amazing nightlife – altogether a great vacation!
Examples from the Corpus
altogetherHe gave enough encouragement to the army command without losing control of the situation altogether.Many farmers have adjusted to changing economic and social fortunes by taking a second job rather than leave their farms altogether.What none of us know is whether this drop indicates that doctors are leaving medicine altogether.It seems to have vanished altogether.But fifty miles away in Gloucester the same laws have stopped Yvonne Bremer from setting up a female taxi business altogether.But if the plea can be supported by a finding of guilt alone, a defendant might escape punishment altogether.But inheriting the sponsorship of a competition to unearth the Old Masters of tomorrow is a different matter altogether.But that, the reader may say, is a different matter altogether.How this is to be achieved is altogether a different matter.Rather than misdirecting attacks, they repel them altogether, as we shall see in the next chapter.Eventually they chose an altogether different design.Latin America is a world where primitive ways of life exist near ultra-modern cities. Altogether, it is a continent full of vitality.There were five people altogether who attended the presentation.not altogetherThe change is not altogether bad.The Federals in the ranks were not altogether clear as to what was happening.The history of this proposition is not altogether clear.Corrada was not altogether comfortable with altar girls.For example, the period 1945-51 has come to acquire a retrospective glow which it may not altogether deserve.Mr Schuller's local congregation is not altogether happy with his imperial style and church finances are suffering.The analogy was well meant, but did not altogether please him.And now we have the unlikely and not altogether pretty sight of Bob Dole tearing up in public like a road-company Pagliacci.The boy was not altogether sure the judge was talking to him.Their bitterness then, is understandable and not altogether unfounded.
altogetheraltogether2 noun   in the altogether
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