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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishalwaysal‧ways /ˈɔːlwəz, -weɪz $ ˈɒːl-/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1 ALWAYS/EVERY TIMEall the time, at all times, or every time Always lock your bicycle to something secure. She’d always assumed that Gabriel was a girl’s name. He hadn’t always been a butler.2 LONG TIMEfor a very long time I’ve always wanted to go to Paris. John’s always been keen on music.3 ALWAYS/FOREVERfor ever I’ll always remember that day.4 KEEP DOING somethingif someone or something is always doing something, they do it often, especially in an annoying way That woman next door’s always complaining.5 always assuming/supposing (that) something6 as always7 can/could always do something8 somebody always was lucky/untidy etcGRAMMAR: Word orderAlways usually comes before a verb: I always travel with my girlfriend. Don’t say: Always I travel with my girlfriend.Always usually comes after the verb ‘be’: He was always very intelligent. You sometimes use always before ‘be’ to emphasize that two statements are connected: Henry did well in his exams. He always was very intelligent.Always usually comes after the auxiliary: I have always loved Japan. You sometimes use always before an auxiliary to emphasize that two statements are connected: I had a great time in Tokyo. I always have loved Japan.USAGE: Always or still?You use still when you want to emphasize that a situation has not changed: He still lives with his parents. Don’t say: He always lives with his parents.THESAURUSalways all the time, at all times, or every timeI will always love you.He always carries his medicine wherever he goes. People will always need houses. forever (also for ever British English) if something lasts or continues forever, it remains or continues for all future timeNothing lasts forever.He seemed to think he would live forever.permanently always, or for a very long time – used about changes that you expect to last forever. Permanently can be used with a verb or with an adjectiveHis eyesight may be permanently damaged.They decided to move to Portugal permanently.for life for the rest of your lifeMarriage is supposed to be for life.He was sent to jail for life.Remarks like that can affect someone for life.for good especially spoken forever – used to talk about a permanent changeThis time, he’s coming back for good.Once a species dies out, it is gone for good.for all time forever – used when saying that something will last or be remembered forever because it is very good or special Their deeds will be remembered for all time.to/until your dying day for the rest of your life – used when something has affected you very deeplyI’ll remember what he said to my dying day.
Examples from the Corpus
alwaysI've always admired Sean Connery.If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know - we always appreciate receiving feedback from Friends.He's always been very curious.The temperature of the lake is always below fifty-five degrees.Why do you always blame me for everything?The wind is always blowing there.My stupid car is always breaking down!He always has sandwiches for his lunch.Sylvia has always hated her nose.Ron is always in a bad mood in the morning.Our upstairs neighbor always keeps to himself. We hardly know him at all.My brother is almost always late.We always let him and we always will let him.She said she would always love him.Anyway, as elections approached it was not always politically desirable to have a tight monetary policy.She was always ready to listen to my problems.I'll always remember the day we first met.I always say my prayers before I go to bed.Jenna always talks too loud.They almost always taste pretty good but they are not beautiful.My dad's always telling me I should get my hair cut.Grandma had always told us to be careful.Because you're always trying to get the better of me.Miss Male confessed that she had always wanted to visit the States.
AlwaysAl‧ways /ˈɔːlweɪz/ trademark  a type of sanitary pad known for having ‘wings (=pieces of tape on the sides of the towel for sticking to a woman’s pants)