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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishamazementa‧maze‧ment /əˈmeɪzmənt/ ●●○ noun [uncountable]  SURPRISEDa feeling of great surprise syn astonishmentdo something in amazement Ralph gasped in amazement.to somebody’s amazement To everyone’s amazement, the goal was disallowed.
Examples from the Corpus
amazementJinny saw Oz gaping in amazement and she kicked his foot.Fans looked on in amazement as Robbins missed a third goal for the team.Willie stared in amazement at the fields, his thin woollen socks heaped around his ankles.He remembers thinking in amazement that his name also was being flashed on screens in thousands of other movie theaters.She frowned, and checked again, her eyes widening in amazement.To my amazement, it was just about as easy and even more fun than writing about real events.To our amazement, when we returned to China, the Moso tree had grown an impressive ninety feet.They had chatted fairly amicably over coffee in the lounge, much to Paige's amazement.To their amazement, his arrow was the first to pierce the inner gold circle, winning him the silver arrow.Nina looked at me with amazement. "I don't believe you, " she said.
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