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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishamazinga‧maz‧ing /əˈmeɪzɪŋ/ ●●● S2 adjective  1 GOOD/EXCELLENTvery good, especially in an unexpected way He’s an amazing player to watch. an amazing bargainsee thesaurus at good2 SURPRISEDso surprising you can hardly believe it It’s amazing how often you see drivers using mobile phones.see thesaurus at surprisingamazingly adverb These shoes were amazingly cheap.GrammarAmazing is not used with ‘very’. You say: It was an absolutely amazing day. Don’t say: It was a very amazing day.
Examples from the Corpus
amazingThe lost river and the lost people side by side - amazing.What an amazing achievement!It was a spectacular creature, an amazing animal, a monster by any measure.The long granny nightie with frills at the wrists didn't really go with the amazing chequer-board hair.Hong Kong is an absolutely amazing city.Isn't it amazing - her getting on so well with Uncle Félix?It's amazing how much work you can do in a day if you put your mind to it.It was a very good offer, an amazing offer, considering who it came from.It's an amazing ride. You really feel like you're flying.amazing stories of UFOsAfter 2000 years, it's amazing that the inscriptions are still clear enough to read.The amazing thing is they addressed customers exactly the same way.Isn't it amazing to think that men have actually stood on the moon?If there is a single secret behind the Tories' amazing, unprecedented four-timer it is this.It’s amazing howIt's amazing how far a body can be thrown when it's hit by a fast-moving vehicle.It's amazing how many reluctant spouses become addicted after this gentle introduction.It's amazing how many schools that front busy roads have name boards but no notice boards.It's amazing how often you can find solitude on some of these insignificant peaks, especially in Sutherland.It's amazing how one's sailing improves over the holiday.It's amazing how quickly one becomes used to the stronger winds, revelling in the rolling waves and the brisk sailing.Simply fill a jar with spare coins - it's amazing how quickly the pennies grow.It's amazing how still everything is.
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